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FAQ page

Where are gluten-free fresh products made? Is it possible that small quantities of gluten are still found in these products?


None Shop’s gluten-free products are made in our own kitchen, which does not handle any food that contains gluten. Ever. So you can be absolutely sure that there is no gluten introduced into our products.



What's the difference between dairy-free and lactose-free food?


Lactose-free food may contain milk that has been treated so that its lactose is absent. The dairy-free food never contains milk. Instead of cow's milk, None Shop uses oats and walnuts or even coconut milk and, for example, our ice cream is cashew nut.



Is there any sugar in the None Shop food?


Sugar is found in many foods to include some of None Shop’s foods. But there is never any refined white sugar added in the None Shop's menu. Sometimes you will taste a bit of sweetness, but in these cases we use healthier alternatives such as agave syrup or coconut sugar whose nutritional values and glycemic index are better than white sugar.



On what basis have you selected household items for sale, clothing accessories, children's wear etc.?


The None Shop team has personally met all manufacturers and has ensured that products are produced responsibly, ethically and ecologically. In addition, we have tried to find as many partners as possible that are also considered social enterprises that donate a significant part of their income to charity. Of course, we have also selected products that are of high quality and aesthetically pleasing.



Can I order products from None Shop for business or company functions?

Yes, None Shop also has a catering service and we cater for customers with special dietary needs and food restrictions for both business and private individuals. More information can be found here.



Olen vegaani. Miten None Shop palvelee minua?


Joissain ruoissamme on lihaa, kalaa tai kananmunaa, mutta ne on merkitty pakkauksiin erittäin selvästi. Kaikki tuotteemme ovat täysin maidottomia. Vegaanille None Shop tarjoaa paljon vaihtoehtoja sekä helpon ostokokemuksen!



I have a nut allergy. How did you take into account other allergies?


Some of our products contain nuts but are clearly marked on the packaging. All the ingredients in all products are listed and the most common allergens are clearly marked. We want you to avoid having the need to ask about the ingredients or feeling awkward as a customer. In other places, when the information is not clear and you then have to ask about the ingredients, you may have to worry about whether the information you are getting is right. Not at None Shop! All of our operations are based on our understanding of the needs of customers with food restrictions.



Can I buy a voucher for None in the shop?


Yes, you can choose the amount you want. The gift card can be purchased from our physical store and from our online store as soon as it goes online.